1. Mia knows how to keep guys happy. Every now and then, she keeps treating them with steamy photos and videos. Even a depressed guy smiles easily on seeing those posts.

2. She’s too good with trolling. If you have time, you must visit Mia’s Twitter account; it’s filled with humorous tweets and funny videos. You will never get bored whenever you browse her social media accounts. Want to keep your nights busy? Scroll it!

3.She’s sweet and simple. Whenever you see her pics, you will hardly find that excessive makeup. Mia loves to be original and loves herself the way she is. In some pics, you’ll see that even her hands are not waxed. Basically, she’s obsessed with herself and doesn’t wish to change with makeup and cosmetics.

4.Excellent at self defense too. We had reported about a story wherein a fan of hers, got punched in his face when he forcefully tried to take a selfie with her. Guys, don’t ever mess with this beauty, as she can prove to be dangerous at times.

5. The star has good bribing skills. If you remember, she had given a very good offer of “Touching her tiddies”, to the marketing director of NBA game in exchange of points to her favorite player. No one can be as expert as her when it comes to “Bribe”.

6. Mia Khalifa is a good cook. After the adult industry, Mia has tried her hands at cooking and we must say, her skills are awesome! She adds a lot of spice to her cooking, hope you understand what we mean.


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